MPC Update – Tentative Agreement Signed

By Lauren Blanchard.

Attached are the signed tentative agreement, as well as a summary of the contract changes prepared by Alan Haffa. This agreement provides workload and salary benefits for faculty.  It also includes a provision related to the implementation of the student centered funding formula, which you should read completely– I have attached a copy of the exact language, although this is also in Article 16 of the complete agreement.  This copy of the agreement includes highlighting of all changes– deletions are struck out and additions are underlined.
If you have any questions, please attend the meeting in SS102 at 12pm on Friday 9/13.  You can also email myself, Alan Haffa (, or Blake Spiering (  Ballot boxes and ballots will be distributed tomorrow. I am sorry for the delay– unfortunately we did not have an accurate and complete copy of the agreement until midday today.
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