MPCTA Update – 38 Days to Secure a Contract

By Lauren Blanchard.

I am writing to remind you all that MPCTA and MPCEA will conduct a joint lunch meeting from 11-2pm on Tuesday August 27 in the Sam Karas room. All six of the applicants for the Area 1 seat on the Board of Trustees have been invited to come meet our college’s faculty and staff. The applicants include: Jason Yarbrough, Michelle Overmeyer, Felix Bachofner, Karla Corres Luna, Rosalyn Green, and our former CBO Steve Crow. MPCTA and MPCEA will meet in the Sam Karas room. Please try to come for any time that you can, if you can.

The District and MPCTA bargaining teams met today for a two and a half hour bargaining session. The District presented 4 counter proposals to material that MPCTA presented during the last academic year. They presented materials related to intellectual property rights and distance education, which largely codified existing practice. The District did accept our proposal to provide 1 TLU of compensation for a faculty member teaching a new class online for the first time, as a recognition of the tremendous work involved in piloting an online course. The District also presented language for Article 11 and Article 14, but MPCTA will respond to those proposals in order to protect the flex hours of part-time faculty and to improve our evaluation timeline. More detail to be provided at the September 6 MPCTA membership meeting (scheduled for 12:30pm, room TBA).

The teams agreed to meet again on Friday August 30 (at 3:30pm) in hopes of reaching an agreement before September 30, 2019, when our contract will expire.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments!! Hope to see you on Tuesday.

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