Two Candidates for MPC Board of Trustees Offer Change

By Alan Haffa.

Today many of us went door to door for either Yuri Anderson in Marina or Natalia Molina in Seaside. Please consider coming out next weekend for either candidate. I can’t tell you how many people were supportive and when they hear that a professor cares enough to go door to door to talk about a candidate it makes a big impression. I even talked to a former student!

Please check out their websites and share with people you know who live in Seaside or Marina.

Finally, if you haven’t made a donation to their campaigns yet, please consider doing so. If you are tenured, consider donating $100; if tenure-track, consider $50; and if part-time consider $20. It costs about $10,000 to run a credible campaign of this sort.

Yuri Anderson:

Natalia Molina:

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