MPCTA Update: Make a Public Records Request!

By Lauren Blanchard.

Today the Board of Trustees is approving long term contracts for several members of the administrative team.

Each one of the administrators whose contract is being considered today has been placed at the highest possible step of the administrative salary schedule (step 5 on the salary schedule approved January 24, 2018).

The administrative salary schedules approved on both January 24, 2018 and June 29, 2017 both include a notation that advancement to the 4th or 5th step “requires three years full time service at the previous step”.

Regardless of this Board approved language, the associate Dean of Human Resources, every Dean, every Vice President, and the Superintendent/ President are now placed at the highest administrative salary step, which artificially increases their earnings relative to faculty and staff at MPC.

MPCTA has drafted language for a California Public Records Act request.  Any and every person can send in such a request.  Please copy and paste the following language into an email and send it to,, and

Dear Dr. Tribley and Mrs. Kitagawa,

During the May 2018 Monterey Peninsula Community College District Board of Trustees meeting, the District approved the contracts of several members of the administrative staff.

All of these employees were placed at the highest possible step of the Administrative Salary Schedule, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in January 24, 2018.

In this Administrative Salary Schedule, advancement to salary steps 4 and 5 have a notation that “requires three years full time service at the previous step”.

Because I know Monterey Peninsula College faculty and staff continue to make far less than other colleges in the region, and pursuant to the California Public Records Act, I request the following information from Monterey Peninsula College:

1.  Procedure for placing new administrative hires on the salary schedule.
2.  Rationale for all exceptions made to this procedure or to the language of the January 24, 2018 salary schedule during the last two years.

Please provide an email confirmation of this request with a date by which I can anticipate receiving the information requested above.


You may add any content you wish to this message, so long as you make it clear that this request is made under the conditions of the California Public Records Act.  This action is similar to those designed by the Sierra Club and other public interest groups.  It is designed to demonstrate to the District that a significant number of people are observing their actions.  Please forward this message to anyone that may support the cause of raising faculty earnings at Monterey Peninsula College.

The more people that send this message, the clearer our message will be. They have taken action to raise administrative salaries, and now it is time for the college to do the same for faculty and staff.

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