MPCTA Update: Wear MPCTA shirts on February 6


By Lauren Blanchard.

We are gearing up for our mediation.  The survey that we conducted clearly indicated the support among faculty for increasing faculty earning– particularly for our part-time faculty!  The survey clearly indicated the need to preserve benefits and protect faculty workloads.  We will be referring to the survey throughout our day of mediation in the hopes of crafting an agreement with the District that will meet our membership’s needs and pass a membership vote.
On Tuesday, February 6, it will be very important that we have a visible display of solidarity on campus.  The surest way to convince the District to compromise with MPCTA is to make sure they know we are working together for the benefit of faculty and students at MPC.  Be certain to wear an MPCTA t-shirt or pin on campus on Tuesday!  If you do not have one, please send me an email to let me know what size you need and we make sure one in placed in your box on Monday.  We will also be distributing shirts to division offices on Monday morning.  The more people that participate in this action, the clearer it will be to the District that it is time to come to an agreement that reverses the slide of faculty salaries, begins to acknowledge the incredible work of our part-time faculty, and creates working conditions that allow for excellent education at MPC.
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