Update – Negotiations as of May 4, 2016

Hi everyone,

First, I wanted to let you know the time and place of our next MPCTA General Meeting: Friday, May 13, in HU 101, from 1-3.

Second, I wanted to update you on today’s negotiations.

To do so, I first have to remind you about the slow-paced Interest Based Bargaining method. In this method, these are the steps:

Step 1: Tell the STORY.


Step 3: Generate OPTIONS

Step 4: EVALUATE Options

Step 5: CHOOSE the Best Solution

Step 6: Agree on an ACTION PLAN

So… We have three scheduled negotiations sessions left this semester – that’s about 10 hours of negotiating. We are now looking at Article 16 Salary and Article 15 Workload from our contract.

In the last session or so, we discussed THE STORY in a general way in relation to those articles. Our job, in this Step 1, is to present the story from the faculty viewpoint, while the district’s job is to present the story from their viewpoint. It is both of our jobs to listen to each other’s story.

Today, we discussed our INTERESTS (like fair pay!). Once we stated our interests, we then noted if we felt these interests are shared or not. Most are shared interests, though a few are not.

So…we’ve done Step 1 and Step 2 in relation to salary and workload (though in this process we can always add to the story and the interests). That means that in the next session we will get to Step 3 – Generate OPTIONS.

As you can imagine, Step 3 is when it gets even more interesting. Here’s when we get to the meat of the nut, so to speak. The MPCTA Bargaining Team has heard from many of you – whether through surveys, through emails, through conversations, through general meeting discussions. Your words are remembered. Let’s see what we can do.

So… next negotiations is May 11. And then after that – May 16 and May 18.

The MPCTA Bargaining Team hopes the District Team will be reasonable, fair, and understanding in these coming sessions – willing to come to the table with flexible minds and ideas, ready to conclude fair and just agreements at the table.

So…we wait again.

Let’s see what happens on May 11. Today, from my window at the table, I saw maybe a glimmer of hope. I think I saw some real listening going on – something I did not observe last year at the table. I hope that such positive interaction continues when we discuss OPTIONS, SOLUTIONS, and PLANS in the next three sessions.

Meanwhile, Article 16.8, our salary formula, is certainly not forgotten. Such was reiterated in today’s meeting by the facilitator and by us. We noted again that the salary formula gives us about a 5% raise retroactive to July 1, 2015.

Please then attend the next MPCTA General Meeting on Friday, May 13, in HU 101, from 1-3. No doubt we at the table will want feedback from you after the May 11 Negotiations when we discuss OPTIONS!

Paola Gilbert

MPCTA President

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