Update – How Budgets are Running Amok at MPC

If you think budgets are boring, you haven’t been looking at MPC’s budget!

You can see below that we found several items with excessively high budget amounts in the 2015-16 MPC budget.

Why this kind of budgeting is problematic:

  • Most of these costs are predictable, and there is no chance they will cost as much as budgeted. Although it’s wise to give yourself a little slack when budgeting, it is not a best practice to budget so excessively, particularly with predictable costs.
  • When the money allocated to these items is not spent at the end of the year, it is then available for administrators to spend in any way they want, without having gone through a standard budgeting process to properly allocate those funds.
  • Projecting unrealistically high costs like these is one way the administration can claim that MPC does not have enough money.

Remember: These are not all the excessively high budget items, these are just the ones we found in one category. We’ll let you know what we find in other categories!

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