Update – Meeting Announcement: Friday, April 29, 1-3pm

From Paola:
Hi all,

I wanted to update you sooner, but there’s been nothing of substance changed since my last update to you. I do want to note a couple of things.

One, our next MPCTA General Meeting will be Friday, April 29, from 1:00 – 3:00. Mark your calendar for that day and time.

Second, as I’ve already mentioned, we will, in May, be having elections for office (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer).  Consider running!

Third, negotiations – This past week we were going to have two sessions, but unfortunately, our facilitator had a family emergency, so those sessions were cancelled. That leaves, in total, five half-day sessions left. Not much time, but hopefully enough time.

Since the two negotiating teams have not met since the last time I wrote to you folks, and so it’s been a while (three weeks,) I’m not sure where the district stands right now on the issues we discussed on March 24.  We will find out at our next meeting – which will be Monday, April 18. While at our last meeting the district indicated the salary formula was “nonimplementable,” I really don’t know what they will say next. Our experience last year at the table was that the argument from the district one session often related little to the argument presented to us at the next session.  So, in short, I’m not sure what will happen Monday at the table.

As mentioned in other emails, the MPCTA Bargaining team is committed to negotiationg for a total compensation increase.

I’m now at the Community College Association Spring Conference in Costa Mesa, along with Anthony Villarreal, who’s been selected to attend the Building Strong Locals Academy.  We’ll bring back what we learn!

Meanwhile, mark your calendars for April 29, from 1 – 3.  Know that if at our negotiations on Monday, we feel we need a meeting sooner, you will hear from me. In any case, I will summarize Monday’s meeting by Wednesday or sooner.

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