Update – Meeting Announcement: Friday, March 25, 1-3pm

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that the next MPCTA General Meeting is Friday, March 25, from 1-3. It will be in HU 102.


  1. Committee Report – Grievance
  2. Negotiations Update
  3. Salary Adjustment Update
  4. Committee Report – Finance
  5. Bylaws and Rep Council
  6. Snacks and chat.

There is lots to talk about, and MPCTA needs your input. Remember that a union exists to represent faculty – full-time and part-time – so come to make your voice heard.


A) Today, the latest MOU from the district on the SLO Assessment payment was sent out. As you may recall, the original list provided by the district was incorrect, so a new list had to be generated.

By March 25, the division chairs will send to the deans the list of instructors who will get paid for doing an instructor reflection since August 12, 2015, and who will get paid for doing one before June 17, 2016. Be sure you double check, too, because it is possible a course might have been overlooked. I’ve attached the latest MOU here, too, in case you missed it from the all users email.

B) Kiran Kamath, our Vice President of Academic Affairs, called me to let me know that the district has received the flex time overload backpay forms from those of you who filled it out. The process now is that once Michael gets back, he’ll look over and approve or modify. Then the Board has to approve, too, since it’s a lot of money. That will happen in April. After that, say, May, the payment will be made to you all.

C) We still have not heard from the district about the request for the scattergram information (requested since October) or the March 11 request for information and to meet in relation to the salary adjustment. I suspect both of these will be discussed in the March 24 negotiations meeting. Come to the MPCTA General meeting to find out what they tell us.


As Kathleen mentioned in another email, come out to the Board and speak at public comments if you have anything you want to tell the Board. The Board meeting is March 23, with public comments at 1:30, in the Sam Karas room.

Remember: Our faculty compensation package is among the lowest in the state, both for full and part-timers, while we live in a high cost of living area. The morale at this school is at an all time low. Changes in our schedules and other sorts of working conditions have happened before real discussion and analysis could take place.
MPCTA hears lots of frustration. We hope such frustration doesn’t lead to a feeling of giving up – but instead it lead to a feeling of speaking out.

The board needs to understand these issues of working conditions and compensation. Come out and let the Board members hear your voices.

Thanks! ……and if I don’t see you at the Board meeting on Wednesday, I’ll see you at our general meeting on Friday, March 25.

Paola Gilbert
MPCTA President

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